Growth hacking is something Silicon Valley start-ups, as well as all early-stage projects in my country, are thinking about all the time. So, what is it? How should you set up your company and employees for fast growth?

Myth: Growth hacking is something beyond your comprehension, only the chosen ones who are let into some important secret can do it!

Truth: Growth hacking has rules and principles that can be learned.

Myth: There’s just one person who does growth hacking, and this person has unique special knowledge.

Truth: It’s a team of experts from different fields who do growth hacking…

Apple has announced changes in iOS 14 that will affect the way Facebook receives and processes events via tools such as Facebook SDK and the Facebook pixel. And today we are going to talk about how these changes will affect our advertising accounts, and explore ways to configure advertising campaigns in the context of current realities.

Changes and restrictions

In iOS 14 campaigns aimed at “app installations” and “conversions” launched from advertising accounts on iOS 14, events will be counted based on data from Apple’s SKAdNetwork API.

The main changes and restrictions that will affect advertisers after the implementation of Apple’s SKAdNetwork API…

Ilya Pronyaev

Marketing expert

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